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Pakistani & Indian Designers Competition

"In recent years, we've witnessed a surge of creativity from both Pakistani and Indian designers. This creative race commenced when Pakistani designers, including renowned names like Maria B and Asim Jofa, broke the long-standing monopoly of market giants like Gul Ahmed and Bonanza. Traditionally known for their printed lawn designs each summer in Pakistan, these Pakistani designers unleashed their creativity.

Not only did they surpass their rivals in print designs, but they also delved into crafting exquisite party and wedding dresses. Their creations were adorned with elegant embroidery, intricate stone work, and meticulous thread artistry. As these designers' creativity flourished, customers from around the world became ardent fans of their attire. Consequently, these designers continued to push the envelope, resulting in the incorporation of Turkish color palettes and Western cuts, rendering their dresses increasingly opulent.

However, this unbridled pursuit of luxury led to soaring prices, making it appear as though these designers are exhausting their ideas and limiting access to the budget-conscious middle-class clientele.

Simultaneously, Indian designers observed the rapid market growth and wisely entered the competition with their vibrant color schemes and impeccable designs on traditional solid colors. They effectively captivated the hearts of customers, offering not only exceptional designs but also affordable prices, thereby reaching the average customer around the globe.

So members take advantage of this opportunity and explore the diverse world of Indian designer attire. While we eagerly await the Pakistani designers to unveil new design ideas and more budget-friendly options, Indian designers can provide a colorful and traditional wardrobe for your events, making them truly elegant.

In conclusion, this article offers a personal viewpoint from AMZI Collections USA and has no affiliations with any individual, company, or group. It is free from any form of discrimination. Thank you for reading.


Team AMZI Collections USA."

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