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As India grew economically, many new fashion designers levitated towards creating and modifying the Indian traditional kaftan into more fashionable and glamorous pieces.

Kaftan Online

A kaftan is a loose and flowy outfit that is largely preferred by women owing to its comfort. Traditionally, kaftans were ankle-length garments that were typically worn by people in the Middle East. However, these days, they can be found in varying lengths and designs, making them a popular choice in Indian & Pakistani and abroad. A lot of women can be found wearing kaftans on the beach with a pair of shorts during their summer holidays. Being a highly comfortable solution when done in natural fabrics such as cotton, it makes an ideal outfit for those lazy days at home as well. Several lounges and sleepwear collections can also be seen adapting kaftans to their latest product line. However, this versatile outfit can be suited to several occasions ranging from casual to formal. How To Choose A Perfect Kaftan For Yourself? With a plethora of designer styles and fabrics, the kaftan dress has been transformed into a variety of styles over the years. Let’s see the deciding factors. During the summer months, it is essential to choose comfy fabrics like cotton, linen, etc. A flowy, cotton kaftan kurta or top can be worn at beaches, casual parties, and even on evening bashes. There are designer kaftan kurtis that can be paired with jeans or leggings to enhance their look and adapt to the occasion. Bright colours, beautiful motifs, embellishments, and zari work can upgrade your kaftan for high-end parties and even wedding ceremonies. If you have been thinking that the kaftan seems to be a standard-size outfit; that’s really not the case. ‘One size fits all’ is certainly not the case and it must fall freely on the body of the wearer. A tight-fitted kaftan would completely snatch away the fashion concept from the garment. So, choosing the correct size is a must with kaftans. Pick something very bright for your vacations, sober and suave for the office meetings, heavy rich work for the traditional rituals, and simple cotton ones for your daily wear. For formal occasions, using a silk kaftan paired with a belt and pants can offer you a stylish outfit. Additionally, kaftans in sheer material are perfect for a Sunday brunch. Simply choose a light shade, team it with a pair of tapered pants and designer shoes and you are set. Why Should You Buy Your Kaftan From Taking interest in this loose and flowy garment called kaftans, had an urge to curate clothing that is trendy, in-vogue, and crafted in fine ornamental details and comfy fabrics. That makes not only a fashion destination but a paradise for new arrivals and mesmerizing masterpieces. Buy from a huge variety of latest and trending kaftan kurtis or a complete combo or kaftan kurtis with pants at the online store. Available in varying lengths, fabrics, and styles, you can find kaftans for women to suit every occasion. You can choose to buy a kaftan online or from our offline store.

  • How can I find the perfect size ?
    Click the link to read more about Sizes & measurments
  • What other payment methods do you accept besides credit cards?
    Paypal ( Zelle ( Venmo ( @amzicollections ) Cash App ( $amzicollections )
  • Do you provide Customization of Dresses?
    Yes. We Provide Full Customization to perfect your size. Please check out size chart and measuring instructions at and send your measurments through chat , email or contact form and mention your order#.Alternatively you can speak our customization expert at 1-347-905-0106

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